The world is always evolving. How we live, work and engage with our the built environment reflects the change in our societies inspired by new technology and shifting priorities.

For over fifty years, KANNFINCH has been at the forefront of shaping our built environments, helping create better, smarter, greener spaces for enterprises and individuals to thrive.

Our practice has been built on highly successful long-term relationships and creative collaborations whilst being able to quickly and efficiently adapt and respond to the changing needs and ambitions of our clients and key stakeholders.

Since our launch in 1963, we have continually evolved and embraced the opportunities made possible through research and innovation, creating the strategically-focussed and interdisciplinary practice we are today. And despite all the change we’ve witnessed over the past five decades, one thing has always remained the same: our passion for creativity to deliver value and successful outcomes for our clients all over the world.


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